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Improvement of the abdominal surgery services over the cross-border area


Cod e-MS: RORS 8

Total project budget: 1.149.246,17 EUR

EU funding: 976.859,23 EUR

Implementation period: 04.05.2017 – 03.05.2019

Name of the lead beneficiary: “Victor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timisoara

Project partner: General Hospital “Sveti Luka” Smederevo


The project addresses the need for developing the abdominal surgery capabilities within the cross-border area. Although the advantages of laparoscopic surgery are far greater than traditional open surgery, there is a relatively low rate of laparoscopic surgeries within the total number of abdominal surgeries over the cross-border region. This is mainly caused by a deficit of capacities, both from the point of view of the available equipment and of the qualification of the medical staff. As laparoscopic surgery represents a new technique with a fast pace of development, the lack of qualification of the regional medical staff plays an important factor for the low rate of laparoscopic surgeries.

The overall objective of the project is improvement of the quality of life for the population from the cross-border area with abdominal pathologies. Last generation surgical equipment and advanced training for expert surgeons ensured through the joint actions of the two project partners will create access for the entire population of the cross – border area to modern high quality services of abdominal surgery in Timisoara and Smederevo.

Thus, throughout the entire project implementation period, high quality abdominal surgery services will be available for free to all citizens from the cross-border area. As early diagnosis is of particular importance for the treatment of abdominal pathologies (especially cancers), free high quality diagnosis services will be offered in Timisoara and Smederevo to patients from the entire cross-border area. In addition, the project partners take the commitment to continue to supply the diagnosis and surgery services for the citizens of the cross-border area without any direct charges, after the end of the implementation period. The awareness campaign lead by the 2 project partners will improve prevention and early diagnosis of abdominal diseases, with important effects on the quality of life of the population.

The network of specialists developed through the project around the 2 poles (Timisoara and Smederevo) will increase significantly and with immediate effect the access of the population from remote areas to specific healthcare services, as well as the quality of these services. More specifically, laparoscopic surgery equipment exists in hospitals from each of the 9 counties/departments of the cross-border region. Still, all hospitals are limited to a small range of simple laparoscopic surgeries, as their medical staff is only trained in basic laparoscopic surgical procedures. Through the activities of the project, at least 2 expert surgeons from each county/district will be trained in advanced laparoscopic surgery procedures, which will instantly activate the capacities for such procedures throughout the entire cross-border area (acceptable laparoscopic equipment already exists in several hospitals). With immediate effect, patients will have access to advanced procedures locally, thus avoiding subjecting themselves to open surgery.

The project will also contribute to the improvement of the diagnosis procedures throughout the cross-border area.

Through all its activities, the project will show particular attention to disadvantaged persons and minorities that show special tendencies of not taking medical investigations in time or cannot afford high quality medical investigations and high quality surgery services.